How to send array to an endpoint with the API function?

I need to send values to an api of another application as arrays.
the other API does only accept direct values. the json is not working.
in a cURL it looks like:[0][type]=id&sections[0][section]=4&sections[0][summary]=newtext
but in bobble, the square brackets are used as a different meaning.
How can I send arrays?

You can use this plugin to convert json to url string JSON Serialize to URL query Plugin | Bubble

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put the array as a variable inside the call, like this:


and then in the dynamic value of “MyArray” you can put

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Thank you for this great hint.
I have not tried, but if the plugin does what it says, it should solve it.

it works.
This is what I tried first, but the fields do not allow editing for beginners.
I messed it up in the first run.

I found another solution:
I “serialize” manually my endpoint: I replaced the [ with %5B and the ] with %5D.
then I put new [ ] where I want to have public values.

this is already a little more understanding of coding than “no code”
and I started yesterday with bubble.

I am very happy that the forum is so helpful. I nice welcome for a beginner.
A big thank you to all who red my quetions. And much more to the ones who answered with practical solutions.

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