Nested array in Stripe API call? (can't use JSON body)

I’m trying to setup a Stripe customer portal configuration via the API Connector but I’ve hit a roadblock. I’m able to create arrays using the bubble parameters but I’m not sure if nested arrays are possible. Here’s what the request is supposed to look like:

  "features": {
    "subscription_update": {
      "enabled": "true",
      "products": [
          "product": "prod_ONpjCeXlzM5OCi",
          "prices": ["price_1Nb445I2rfN87qVGKpiCIGNB", "price_1Nb445I2rfN87qVGTUN8HqmZ"]
          "product": "prod_ONpiD7eytdVl4h",
          "prices": ["price_1Nb42sI2rfN87qVGZTrgJmvh", "price_1Nb42sI2rfN87qVGOQdTuSwz"]
      "default_allowed_updates": {
        "quantity": "1",
        "price": "price_1Nb445I2rfN87qVGKpiCIGNB"
  "business_profile": {
    "privacy_policy_url": "",
    "terms_of_service_url": ""

(I’ve added two products here but I think one is enough)

I’m currently using these parameters in my API call:

But the problem is, those arrays are supposed to sit inside a “features[subscription_update][products][0]” array, and I don’t see a way to do that in Bubble.

This is the error I keep getting:

There’s a lot of way, but I have created a plugin for that (not owned by @thimo)

Take a json and serialize to url

Can can you share your API connector setting? This is also possible to do this in Vanilla Bubble

Thanks, will check it out in a bit.

Here’s my API connector setup:

Your structure is not correct. The array is at products level, not at the end
should probably be something like
(prices is also an array, but don’t need a number)

@Thimo Can you upgrade the plugin version to 4 (node18) because it doesn’t work anymore actually

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@duracel when @thimo will have updated the plugin version, the output will look like this (tested in my version)


I personnally prefer to encode in JSON and convert it after (with Bubble encoded as text and json-safe function, this make this really simple to use with the plugin)

Putting the array at the product level worked, thanks @Jici :pray:

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