How to send data from a different RG from the RG than the button is in

I have a page where a user ‘checkins’ for an event

There are 2 repeating groups
Group A - Displays other users going to same event
Group B - Display the field for them to checkin.


  1. The button to submit their details is in Group B.
  2. When they submit their details in Group B, I want them to go to a confirmation page AND send the data from Group A.
  3. I’m getting an error when trying to do this. Here’s the page

Page is link to the editor: Saleshuddle | Bubble Editor

Is it possible to send data like this?

If yes, what am I missing?

Thank yo!

You can’t send a list of things to a page, only a single item (a page with a content type set can only have one item of that content type per page). Currently you’re trying to send a list of 5 items, hence the error.

Thank you Adam. It looks like this is not possible.

I figured out how to do it. If I send the “Current User” data, I can just do the same RG query on the next page. It works, thank you!