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How do you send data to a page with a link or a button? (not with a repeating group)

Hey guys,

So, this seemly simple task is giving me a lot of trouble… What I am trying to do is when user clicks on a button that says “Create” on index page, and it would take users to a page with a repeating group of "Create"categories. I have having problem targeting this repeating group and sending a data that basically says to show only “Create” list on the repeating group. Any tips?

that button will take them to page that sort all of the activity into category called “Create”

Without a link to the editor, it’s pretty hard to help diagnose here. Could you share a link to your editor or recreate in the forum app?

Here is the simplified version. So the buttons on Index page (Create & Eat) takes users to search page. If users clicks Create it should only show activities with “Create” category. If users selects “Eat” it only shows Eat categories.

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Thanks for your help! I def didn’t know how to use the parameters + key functionality. How does that work exactly?

Sorry, doing too many things at once and rushed a bit.

It is one of the way to get some data from Page A > Page B.

So if you look at the URL for you Search page, you will see a parameter … mode

So when you navigate to a new page, as well as being able to send bubble data (in “Data to Send”) you can also send stuff that isn’t bubble data, like a user input or what button was clicked.

In the receiving page, you can then query the URL and get back what was sent.

Generally it is easier (in the long run) to have you search results on the same page, so use a Group and Hide/Show the the results based on actions.


Got it! This is great! Applied to my page and working well!

One tiny thing… The functionality works perfectly… but I keep getting an error, which doesn’t affect function. It says I must add a data to send… Can’t keep them blank… Is this an error on Bubble side?

That is usally when you have “Type of Content” set on the go to page.

But you don’t. There are no errors when I look ?

Oh this error is for the actual site I am building. The search page has a content call “Search” on the “Type of Content” set. (Since is has search field functionality)

What is do you think I should do to send default data that doesn’t affect anything…

Hi Nigel, Can you explain me precisely how can I do this part? Please

Ok, so on your “to” page, you will need to extract the URL parameter you sent.

The option is at the bottom of the “dynamic inputs” box.

Select “Get ? Parameter from page URL” and tell it the name of the parameter … so if you sent MODE=edit then MODE is the parameter name. You can then use what was sent on your page.

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Hey Nigel,

I am struggling to figure this out. I am trying to do something similar however, later I need it to update a thing created in step on.

Specifically, we have an email capture on the main page. We need that to create a thing in the database (submitted emails), then open a new page. The new page will have a bit more comprehensive form for name, phone number, etc. Once someone enters this information, it needs to modify the ‘thing’ created in the first step (the email) to add the name, phone number, etc to that same thing. So that way we have a complete customer / lead information, not just an email.

Currently, the email is submitted just fine. But I can’t get it updated with the additional information from the 2nd page.

If I am understanding the explanation correctly, the method described above isn’t ideal for this kind of data transfer because it does not reference a thing in the database. Is this correct?

Here are the settings that I have for the ‘sending’ page’s workflows. The first is workflow to create the thing, and the 2nd is the ‘navigate to a new page’ workflow:

I do realize that the parameter is likely redundant, but I was experimenting with the method above.

For the receiving page, all of the elements are set as follows:

the page itself is set to the data base ‘thing’ where the email would be located (email submissions)

Then there are several layers of groups. The first has this setting:

Then the one containing the actual form is this:

The form itself looks like this:

The workflow for the ‘make changes to a thing’ has the following settings:

But, after clicking the button, there are no changes made to the ‘thing’. The name, phone number, etc. aren’t saved.

Thank you again for any help you can provide.

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Question: the page you’re navigating to is called “onboarding2” and the page you have the form on looks like it’s “on_ boarding” - just making sure those screenshots are referring to the same page.

Also, have you tried auto-binding those inputs to the current page’s Thing?

You’ve setup the data send correctly (and yes, the url parameter is a little redundant here), so there’s probably a small missed connection somewhere else.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


I think that is what was happening. We ended up redesigning the whole page, and redid all this programatic work. For some reason it worked this time.

I am guessing that there were layers of different groups and somewhere in the chain, one of those groups didn’t have the content type set to ‘current page’s thing’.

Thank you Gaby!

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Hey @romanmg , @NigelG,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you both again for this page. I used all the info on this page to create a referral system for our app. The basic idea was to create a referral code, then have the code go to a URL that people can share. Then, when people click that URL, the referral code automatically gets filled into the input for referral codes.

We are very excited about this feature and it wouldn’t have been possible without this information.

Thank you so much!

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Awesome! I’m so happy to hear that! :slight_smile:

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