How to send multiple parameters to page?

Hi! My user can offer up to four services, and these four services are option sets named ‘Option Services.’ Then I have the ‘Service’ Data type with data fields ‘Price’ and ‘ServiceType’ (List of option services), and my user has a ‘ServicesOffered’ Data field, which is a ‘list of Services.’ I have made a search bar on the index page, where other users can input two things - the location they want the user to be close to (no problem with that) and select out of the four checkboxes (each one representing one service), which services they want the search result users to offer. Now, I don’t know how to send such parameters to another page, and how to implement that in my repeating group of users on the search results page. Any help is greatly appreciated!

When using the ‘Go to page’ action on your workflow, try ticking the ‘send more parameters’ checkbox. It will allow you to send data from one page to another, data will be placed in the the URL itself.
You can then use the ‘Get data from page URL’ action on the destination page to retrieve the data and either put it in a custom state, or put it directly on the search constraints of the repeating group’s data source.

Thats exactly what I’m doing - it works for geo-location, but when it’s 4 checkboxes representing option services, I’m not sure what to do. If you have time, can you please specify how I can approach this?

Either send 4 extra parameters individually, or send a single parameter that is essentially a list.
The list option is easier to maintain (especially in bubble) but there are a few extra considerations.

Parameters need to be texts; you cant input a bubble-list. However you can format a bubble-list into a text by using the :formatted as text operator. I would recommend using ‘|’ as a delimeter. The comma ‘,’ can affect URLs in some browsers (I’ve never experienced this, but better safe than sorry)

On the destination page you can use the following expression to fetch the list of options
**All options: filtered (Constriant = This Option’s display: lowercase is in Get data from page URL:split by(delimiter you set in the ‘:formatted as text’)

Mandatory Note:
Not all characters can be sent through URLs without affecting/breaking the URL. Prime examples are %&? but there are more. Make sure there are none of these in the parameter you are sending. Uppercase characters will also automatically be formatted as lowercase.

Its good practice to create an attribute on the optionset used for sending the option through URLs. This would be a url encoded string that you’re sure doesnt break the URL.