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Sending paramaters between pages

I have a button that when clicked I want to send parameters to display specific data in a repeating group in another page.

I understand I can do this via parameters.

On the page with the button: I have clicked send additional parameters, input a key and included the input criteria as the parameter to include in the URL

Similarly, on the page I am sending the data to, in the repeating group I have done a search for the type of content I am displaying, and as a constraint I have selected the criteria (field) = get ? parameter from URL

This isn’t working as when the search button is clicked on the first page, the results in the repeating group have not changed.

I imagine this is because the “key” doesn’t line up to the field in my repeating group?

If someone can walk me through exactly what needs to be included in the parameter workflow on the first page, plus the workflow on the receiving end (repeating group) it would be REALLY appreciated :slightly_smiling:



Not sure what you mean by “line up”.

Here are a couple of pages on the forum app doing what I think you want to do.

There are only 2 values for searching ABC Corp and XYZ Corp.

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