How to send the result of the chat gpt to the email address of the user (using Sendgrid)?

Hi there, Maybe someone knows how to send the response of the chat gpt directly to the email address of the user? Maybe there’re tutorial on youtube how to do it? Unfortunately I can’t find the way how to do it. I installed the plugin Sendgrid and tried to do it by
myself (screenshort attached) but it is not working. It shows the response on the screen (I wanted it before), now I want the response to the email of the user. Please help

At first glance i saw you are refereing to step 5 as the template id?
That should be a dynamic template id that you get from the pre made dynamic template in sendgrid.

Have you tryed to just the the function “send a mail” and get that working?

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I just wanted to design the responce from the chat gpt, that’s why I wanted to use sendgrid. On the step 5 instead of template Id I wrote the promt of Chat GPT call :slight_smile: I didn’t how to use this and tried all methods that came to my mind.
Then I just made a “send a mail”. It is working.

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A good tip:

When you building a new feature, alwasy brake all the steps up and try it indevidual before you are setting up the full workflow.

But “send email” is a good method

Thank you for your advices!