Sendgrid send email with attachments configuration

Hello there,

I was just wondering if someone knows how to configure the Sendgrid plugin to send an email with a previously generated pdf via Select pdf.

I cannot get it working even without trying to send the pdf.

It´s just happening with the latest version of the plugin since with the previous ones it was all good.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

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i had a problem similar to this when i started using sendgrid. turned out i had to send the attachment encoded in base64.

Sendgrid workflow also has error outputs. so you can use bubbles default email to send you an email with the results of the sendgrid status. it will popup result of step # send email sendgrid error and success i think it is.

Thanks @joseph.farinhas

I´m getting this error in my case since I´ve already done the encoded in base 64.

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