How to separate each date out of a list of dates?


I’m looking to extract each individual date out of a list of dates.

I have a newsletter ad booking workflow where users can book an ad slot for 1 date, or multiple dates. So they can run the same ad in the newsletter for multiple dates.

When the user selects multiple dates, I have saved the list of dates to a single ‘Booking’ item. However, I then want to display a RG with every row to display the booking for a single day.

A user books an ad slot for the following 3 Friday’s.
I want to display a RG on the admin page of the ad bookings for the following month. I need each Friday’s slot to be filled by the same ad - but they are currently saved as a list of dates within a single ‘Booking’ item.

Do I need to create another data type (Ad slot) and essentially create duplicate bookings with one date attached to each? If so how to I create a new ‘thing’ for each date in a list of dates that is already assigned to a booking?