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Count items in a list separately?

Hello, I have data type entries that contain a field with a list of dates.

Let’s say I have two entries in my database:

  • First entry contains a list of dates (5 items).
  • Second entry also contains a list of dates (15 items).

When I’m searching x… dates, it returns 20 dates, or if I try to count, it returns a value: 20.

But what I would like to get it’s: 5, 15. Separately. I’m not interested in the “total” or “the list of dates.” I want to know how much dates contains each entry.

I have spent the last hour looking for a way to search and return the values separately without success.

Any ideas? Thanks.

You could have a second field on the record that holds a count

You could do a search for things:format as text:split by “,”

For the formatted text.

Each text would be this record’s dates:count

Hello @jared.gibb , still now working:


I would do the search more like HR-Leave’s:format as text:split by(“,”)

I would use this HR-Leave’s Leave Dates:count as the formatted text for each row.

I’m on a phone now but could show you what I mean later or tomorrow.

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