How to set adjustable reminder settings?

Hi everyone,

How can we set up a reminder system such that a user can adjust a setting to send text/email/push at a certain time interval before the task’s due date?

The User has multiple things due at different dates and turns on reminders for “30 minutes before”, or adjust later to remind “1 day” before, etc.

How can the API endpoint send notifications with these constraints?

Thanks so much.


Hey Jason -

Nice to see you on the forum! Here’s how I would think about this:

  • Create a single endpoint called “notify about task”
  • Add parameters for a task as well as a “notify before” number value (I would have this represent the minutes of whatever the user selects. So if they select 1 hour before, this number would be 60.)
  • Create a second API workflow that accepts the task parameter.
  • Add an action to your first API workflow that schedules the second workflow with the “scheduled date” field set to “[task]'s due date (+minutes) -[notify before]
  • Anytime a task is created, schedule the workflow for current date / time and send the proper parameters.

The tricky part of this set up is handling the case where a user changes their profile setting and updates when they would like to be notified. For this, you’ll need to make sure to save the list of API workflow IDs each time they are scheduled to a user field that I would call “List of scheduled IDs”. You can get a workflow’s ID by referencing the schedule action using “result of step X.”

Then, you can use the ‘cancel a list of API workflows’ action to reference an ID and cancel it.

From there, you’ll just want to make sure to have a separate setup to recursively iterate through a users current list of tasks and reschedule notifications in the event that their preferences change, as the workflow I described above will only handle scheduling a notification for a single task.

I hope this all makes sense!

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Hey Sam -

Always great to see you! Thanks for the insights, I’ll give it a whirl.


Hey Sam,

Thanks for the help. Let’s say the user would like to turn on being reminded 30 minutes before their events and have multiple future events already scheduled. How would you design this recursive WF to pass the list of future events to get scheduled and hold the scheduled api’s ID?

Thanks so much!

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