How to set REPORT function

Hello guys
Does anybody ever create the report function? How should it be constructed (workflows, data and etc)
Or does anybody have experience fighting with anti-social behavior? What do you use?

If you mean how to allow users to flag other users’ posts as inappropriate, then one way is to have a flagged_by field on the post/comment table, as a list of users. You could then have a flag icon available on each post. When clicked, add the current user to the flagged_by field for that post/comment.

Depending on the volumes you get, you may want to take different actions when the count of flagged_by for a post or comment gets to certain thresholds, e.g. after 2 flags send a notification email to yourself to review the post or after 5 flags, auto-hide the post.

You will also want to only allow a user to click on the flag once for a post or comment.

Got it
Thank you very much

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