How to set slug on Google or Facebook sign up

I’m trying to set a slug in the workflow upon Google and Facebook sign up but when I look in the database for the user after sign up, the slug field is empty.

This works fine upon traditional sign up.

I want my slug fields across users to be consistent no matter how the user signs up but it seems like using the aforementioned method doesn’t work with social media sign ups.

How can I rectify this problem?

Your ‘set slug’ needs to be step 2. “Current User” when not logged in is just a temporary user as far as I remember. If you move it to after the signup/login step, it should work fine.

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Create a database trigger in the backend workflows … when a user is created and then assign the slug for all users using this workflow


Unfortunately that didn’t work. It’s also set to step 1 on the traditional sign up workflow. Appreciate the help anyway.

Thank you. This worked! Although, I don’t really understand the condition.

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Glad that it worked!

  • The workflow gets triggered based on a change in a certain datatype (in this example, user)
  • The condition is comparing the user before this change and after this change
    So what it does here it checks if this datatype existed or not before this change
    (In case of the user, when the user sign-up you create a new record, which means the user before the change was empty, but not after this change it’s not empty because it’s just created now — you can this trigger as a sign-up trigger)

Hope that explains it

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important to check this one as well so you don’t run the workflow unnecessarily

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