How to set up multiple urls to route to 1 page in Bubble

Hello, I am building a music streaming platform and we have kept everything one 1 Bubble webpage to allow the music player to continue playing as the user visits different areas of the website.

We used Zeroqode’s plugin to change the URL as the user clicks on different areas of the page to show new groups

However, when the user enters this url the path leads them to a 404 because we don’t have a Bubble page titled for example:

Is there a way for me to send the url path to (the index page of the app) while still preserving the url path

Thanks guys!

Should I just duplicate the app on each page, so if the visitor wants to go to a particular URL it will just load the app on that URL? Or would that be really stupid in terms of the speed and efficiency of the app because it’s greatly expanding the size of the app

I haven’t used this plugin but it sounds like your best bet would be to add one ‘Page is loaded’ workflow on each page with a ‘Go to page’ action to redirect users back. Then add in the parameter for that page.

Although I feel like typing in the url should send users to the correct spot. Duplicating the app isn’t a good idea as it will make changing the app a pain.

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