How to set up Nested Recursive Backend Workflow?

@NigelG mentioned and @cmarchan mentioned the ability to run nested recursive backend workflows, but I am struggling with how to implement. @petter’s excellent Recursive guide does not cover nesting.

My challenge is:

When the “parent” backend recursive workflow iteration is proceeding, and the workflow gets to the starting of the “nested” backend recursive workflow (i.e. Schedule API Workflow) – how do I get the parent recursive workflow to “pause” and wait for ALL the iterations of the nested recursive workflow to proceed – after which, the parent workflow iterations should resume?

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Obviously it depends entirely on what you’re doing and how your workflows are set up…

But you can use conditions on the workflow actions to control what’s happening when.


Workflow 1 might have an action to reschedule itself (only if a certain condition is true) and another action to schedule workflow 2 (only when the opposite condition is true, for example).

So, in that example, if the condition to reschedule workflow 2 is true, then workflow 1 will not reschedule itself on this run (i.e. it will stop running), and workflow 2 will begin.

Then, at then end of workflow 2, once all the iterations are complete, you can reschedule workflow 1 to run again on the next iteration to pick up where it left off.


Thank you @adamhholmes!

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