How to set-up Stripe subscription - when wanting to collect cc info at the end of the trial period

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If “Subscribe the user to a plan” requires a credit card, what should I use - not to require a credit card until the end of the trial?

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I would track the User’s Trial in your own app, and then when their trial date is up, you then block access to part of the app until they fully subscribe through Stripe. It is better to think of Stripe as a Payment Processor rather than a tool to manage plans.

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The stripe api provides for a trial end value, which the stripe.js plugin supports… I don’t know if the bubble plug-in does. When trial end is set to some point in time in the future, then a payment method is not required when a subscription is added to a customer. The user is placed into a trial period which then expires if no payment method is subsequently added. Stripe uses webhooks to provide your bubble app with any updates to the subscription, so for example, if the trial ends without a payment, it will notify the app so you can update any access control settings you might employ.

It is worth noting that setting up a plan in stripe with a number of free trial days will still require a payment method, which I find odd, but, that’s what they have chosen to do. You have to specifically set the trial end time for this to work. What I do is, set the trial days when creating the plan in stripe and then from bubble I retrieve the plan parameters and use that value to set trial end when creating a subscription without payment.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

Below is the solution I’m using. Once they login at/or after 31 days they will be routed to the Stripe Plan.




Thank you for your suggestion.