Setup a subscription payment


New to bubble and trying to understand a lot of the no code functionality.

Please can anyone advise if their is a step by step help guide to setting up a subscription service.

Simply put, i’m developing a SaaS solution, and want to setup a monthly recurring subscription service, which considers a trial period and then a monthly deduction based on rate per user, and is linked to the customer business bank account.

Please advise if you have any ideas in how to set this up, securely and reliably.




The easiest way to set up a subscription service with Bubble is probably to use Stripe Billing. It takes care of the automatic billing, deductions and trial periods. Stripe also has ways to connect with bank accounts.

Will your service interact with customers in the EU? You’re going to need to look the new into SCA regulations.

You can implement with the Stripe API yourself:

or use a plugin like Stripe.js:

Although version 1.8.10 is quite outdated. Version 1.9.x is currently in BETA and missing some features. So everything might not work 100% smoothly.


Same question here :

How to manage free plan and paid plan ? The user is paying in the beginning of the month the full price but how to prevent him to downgrade ? I don’t want to refund him ! And how to accept direct upgrade to higher plan ?

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