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How to setup OAuth for Public API Endpoint - Sendgrid

Hi fellow Bubblers, I need some help.

Purpose: I want to receive Sendgrid event notification (to tell me the status of a transactional email)

Solution: Sendgrid sends JSON to my webhook – eg.

2 Solutions available:

a) Signed using signature – but I need to verify the signature. This requires some work to capture the raw bytes to a JSON string, to verify. Sounds difficult – unless it is quite easy to implement – any suggestions or plugins available?

b) Using OAuth 2.0 (detailed below)

Bubble supports 3rd Party apps in the API section using OAuth. However, I am uncertain about how to implement this.

Basically, Sendgrid needs 2 urls.

1) Token URL: Where is this URL in Bubble?

I can only see the “Login page for SSO/OAuth redirects” with a dropdown containing the pages in my bubble site. As this is a machine-to-machine interaction I do not know the purpose of a Bubble login page. Shouldn’t there be an endpoint page provided by Bubble that automatically generates an access token and passes it back to Sendgrid once a client id and secret have been passed to Bubble?

2) HTTP POST URL: I take it that this is the redirect_uri in the Bubble API page where I put my url

For me to detect the incoming JSON package and run a wf on it.

Can anyone help explain what the token URL should be? Is my take on the HTTP Post URL correct?


Bubble provides the API so that endpoints can be built.

Consider building the endpoint in the backend workflows are to receive Sendgrid’s webhooks

Hello. Did you happen to figure this out? I’m also stuck with this. Thanks in advance!