How to Setup Scoring System

Hello everyone,

Trying to figure out how to set up a scoring system with the following:

1 contest with:

  • “n” judges (scorers)
  • “n” contestants
  • “n” judging criteria
  • a scoring range of 1-10

So for each contest, each judge will score each of the contestants for every judging criteria.

I set up the data structure as follows:

Contest (data type)

  • criteria (text)
  • contestant (text)

Criteria (data type)

  • criteria name (text)
  • score (List of Scores - text)

Score (data type)

  • criteria (Criteria)
  • contest (Contest)
  • scoreValue (Score)
  • judge (Judge)
  • contestant (Contestant)


  • score (List of Scores - text)
  • judge (User)


  • assignedScore (List of Scores - text)

I created a PopUp with radio buttons to capture the score for each vendor/each criteria but I’m struggling to figure out whether the data structure is setup correctly and how to properly setup the radio buttons.

Thanks to anyone who can help me figure this out! I will be extremely grateful.