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Building a Rubric for a Quiz App


Quiz has 9 sections of questions
Each question’s answer is given a numeric value based on rubric below.
Each question has a few sentences of “analysis” to be displayed after quiz is submitted. User will see a “custom” analysis which is just a compilation of each question’s analysis strung together in paragraphs.

Each question has same radio buttons for answer choices: (a)100% agree, (b)Agree more than disagree, ©Disagree more than agree, (d) 100% disagree

There are two types of scoring: Normal and Inverse
Normal scoring: a=1 point, b=2 points, etc.
Inverse scoring: a=4 points, b=3 points, etc.

Each question has the following fields in a form for my quiz builder page:
Question Text = text
Question Response = text
Question Scoring = radio buttons = Normal or Inverse
Question Category = dropdown of text

Problem is how should I set up my database to be able to dynamically show radio button answers that have labels that are different from their values. It’d be great to be able to store label/value pairs so when an answer is selected, I can add the value of that pair to a score field on the question.

Later I’ll need a more sophisticated setup where I can store the scored for multiple users, starting simple…


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Got it to work and calculate a score for each question! Now wondering if I can set the radio buttons to be unselected by default…

Also, I’m going to be dealing with the quiz being paginated so pondering ways to iterate over a repeating groups’s list of questions… Or just create a results object that has a running concatenation of the questions, answers, and scores for the whole quiz…

Hey can you explain us how you do it? Right now i’m trying to do the same but allowing to the “user” to write their own Answers and to choose a right question.


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yes please let us know!