How to setup, track and trend daily user input?


And thank you for taking a moment to read and potentially assist.

Goal: Create an anxiety tracking app that allows users to input from preset fields (like sliders) how they are feeling today() and document their treatment/interventions (like meditation, deep breathing) etc today(). The idea is for this data to be input each day and trended overtime so people can see how their management techniques (meditation etc) are impacting their anxiety levels.

Challenge: I’m new to programming and and don’t understand how I should structure the database and visual fields to allow for users to do this type of daily input and have it tied to the date/time they are entering the data. Furthermore I don’t understand how I can setup Bubble to allow them to see the data overtime and also be able to input the data each day.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated and sorry for the N00B questions.

I would recommend going through the walkthrough tutorials related to storing data and using inputs if you haven’t already.

As far as setting up the database goes, I would recommend the following structure: Create a data type called “Daily Log”. Add the fields that you want to track. For example, a text field called “daily notes” and number field titled “stress level”.

Add a field to the user type called “Daily Logs” and make sure it’s set as a list of Daily Log type.

Every day the user inputs the data and hits “Save” you create a new Daily log with the relevant fields filled by their respective inputs. Then, make a change to the current user and add that Daily log to the user’s list of Daily Logs.

Hope this helps.