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How to setup two fields are primary key in same table

Our database designs 2 fields of table is primary key as picture below (red lines is primary key), please tell me how to set it on Bubble database.

As my previous answer, bubble is not mysql.

Implement your own integrity and keys.

Actually, you can do a form of referential integrity. You could make a Contract_Number table and a Device_Model table and then in your Contract-Device table you can make a field that IS a Contract_Number and a field that IS a Device_Model. This will make it impossible for Contract_device to have a Contract_Model or Device_Model that does not exist.

Yes, please tell me how to implement own integrity and keys in bubble?


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Hi Mguerrasio,

Thanks for your feedback!
I did as you mention for Device_Model and Contract_Number tables then in Contract_Device I want to set Contract_Number and Device_Model is primary key of Contract_Device table, please tell me if possible to set Contract_Number and Device_Model is foreign key in table Device_Assign as picture below, please tell me detail if it possible.


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i mention for Device_Model
is this possible in

Is this right choice to create application that contain multiple table more then 20,30 or 50 & more table with huge data in it. like we done in MySQL relational database.

is bubble is right choice for this.

Up. I am also looking into this. As of what is shown in the Bubble’s interface, I don’t think there is any possibility of having more than one Primary Key Fields