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How to show a count of empty fields in a data type?

Is there any way to create a count of empty fields in a data type? I have a “profile” data type with many fields in it, and I want to show a count on a summary page of how many of those fields have yet to be filled out (are empty).

To add to the complexity, there is a “template” data type that indicated which of the fields within the “profile” data type are “active”, and I would like to only show a count of those fields that are both empty, and marked as included in the associated template.

Complicated, I think, but possible?

What does the summary page summarise, for one record, or a set of records? I’ll assume you mean for a set of records.

Maybe individual searches for each field: “search for profiles” with constraint “firstname is empty” :count
The element showing the count can be conditionally displayed based on your template.

Thanks for the idea. It’s close, but not quite what I am trying to do.

In my app a user can have multiple “projects”. Each project can have multiple associated “user profiles”. The user profiles can have many fields. I am looking for a count of incomplete records in two places:

  • The default view for a user shows “tiles” for each project. I’d like to show a flag on any project that includes user profiles that are incomplete.
  • The project view includes a list of user profiles with a very short profile summary. I would like to show a flag on each user profile that is incomplete
  • On the user profile page I will highlight any empty fields, but would like to have a number total of incomplete fields at the top to let the users know what they’re in for.

Does this make sense?

That’s a good description : )

Unfortunately the search is not going to be pretty, if trying to do criteria of “field1 is empty or field 2 is empty or …”.

You may have better luck setting a “complete” field to “yes” as the data gets filled, or update a number with a bit representing each field: binary 1101 meaning the third field isn’t complete yet. Then completeness is searchable on just one field.

An alternative is the List Item Expression, to have an expression setting to 1 if any of the fields required is empty, and 0 otherwise; then sum the numbers.