Check number of empty fields in a workflow

Hi all! I have a huge profile form that the user has to complete. When the user saves the changes in the profile, I check how many of the fields have been filled in and how many are still empty to display the percentage of profile completeness for that user. This is easy when you have 4 fields, but making conditions with 30 fields is complex and time consumming… Is there any clever way to check “how many fields in this workflow are empty”? That would make my live easier! :slight_smile:


You say that you already check how many fields have been filled in. How are you doing that for 4 fields? Do you have a different ‘modify a thing’ action for each field?

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Thanks for the answer, @mguerrasio! :slight_smile: Actually, what I do with 4 fields is something like:

  • “if field 1 is not empty, add 25%”
  • “if field 2 is not empty, add 25%”
  • “if field 3 is not empty, add 25%”
  • “if field 4 is not empty, add 25%”

So at the end, if you complete every field, you have a 100% completeness. The problem is when you have 40 fields, and when you have 20 different forms to complete. Making the conditions to check how many of them are empty is a nightmare…

Any ideas? :smiley:


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