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How to show a error message on failed login

Does someone know how I can make an error notification text show when a user fails to login into their account due to an incorrect password?

Right now, nothing happens when someone fails to log in so I’m trying to get a group with error notification text to show up when that happens. Any ideas?

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Hello @josefinsundblom welcome to the community!


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@cmarchan thank you for the suggestion. Do you happen to know what action I’m supposed to use with the event “An unhandled error occurs”? I guess I could do show an element but I’m struggling to get it to show. Currently have show element only when “input password value is not valid” but nothing happens…

Still struggling with this so if anyone has any tips would love hear your advice:)

Hi @josefinsundblom !

Choose this action:


And in the “Element” field choose the button you click to logg the users in.

Hope it helps! :+1:


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