Execute an action when Login password is wrong


this is my scenario:

  1. User wants to login
  2. User insert email & pass (a wrong password)
  3. User clicks on “login” to confirm his credential info
  4. The system shows an overlay with a loading spin icon (workflow > show item)
  5. User gets the automatic notification about the wrong password and he clicks OK in the popup
    6. The overlay should go away now but I don’t know how to achieve it

How can I solve it?

Hi, any tech help on this?

Use a workflow so you can control the error message. You can then hide an element based on a particular error message.


Hey vincent, and how i can know what name have each event?

I mean i can do that for my problem? Hide Api responses

You can find them in:

Settings > Languages > Application texts & messages

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Hi Vincent,

ok like this I can execute an action but I’m losing the default behaviour of the warning popup that tells to the user that the password was wrong. Can I just add my action after that default behaviour in change of overwriting it?

The idea is that you can then make your own messages that say what you want to say and are styled the way you want. So you would have to build that out with your own popups or alerts or you use an awesome plugin like @AliFarahat’s Toasty!

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Is there any way to trigger the default native popup of the phone used? As Bubble does as per default.

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