How to show and hide groups with states in new responsive system?

Hi since I upgraded to the responsive system I can’t show and hide groups anymore.
I can’t check visible on page load and I can’t set a state as a condition. Can you give me a tip?

What do you mean you can’t do those things?

Why can’t you do them? none of that has changed in the new responsive engine (aside from the visible on pageload check box which is now on the layout tab)

Nothing changed in terms of show/hide

Oh, damn it is in the Layout tap. Thx guys.

@adamhholmes but I still have a problem with that. I created 2 states on my group, but I cannot select “custom_state’s show element” as a condition from the selection. It is missing in the conditions.

when: “your_group_element”'s custom_state is X
element is visible = no (unchecked)

Thanks that was it !

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