How to Show /group data only once in a repeating group

Hi, I need some help.

I have a database like this:

LOT    Article
Z11326	79MPGE1
Z09596	79MPGE1
Z08350	79MPGE1
U32249	39MSS10060
U30747	39MSS10100
U29745	39MSS10080

I want to show in a repeating group every article only once. I used the “unique elemts” but I doesn’t work and shows me all entries of the databse:

This is what i did in the repeating group

But the result looks like this:

Hi, you would have to filter the datasource of the repeating group. Can you show us you querry?

Try using the ‘group by’ operator instead of unique elements.

Thank you all, I did it by using a TEXT type and the yiu the value seleceted from the repating group in a popup for a new do a search for.