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Repeating Group: How to show each list item only once?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to put Names from a Thing into a repeating group. Each name should be shown only once. When I do a Search for Thing’s Name:random item, it looks perfect in the Preview, but most of the names are repeated.

I know that it’s probably an easy fix, but I’m just feeling extremly helpless at the moment. Thank you so much!

You can add :unique to the search, that should do it.

Hi Nigel, thanks for your response!

I tried Search for Thing’s Name:unique elements:random item, but it stills shows double names. Did you mean that kind of :unique? Because I’m not able to find something similar.

Some additional information: I have 20 names in the database and use 5 rows in the repeating group. Maybe it has something to do with it?

Is Name a thing in its own right ?

Or is it a field on a thing that just has duplicates ?

So for example a list of people, with forenames, and you want a list of unique forenames ? In that case you need to make the type of the repeating group text and do a unique on that.

Hi Nigel, hope you had a happy new year! I started to continue to work on my app and tried to apply your advice. I decided that I don’t need a random order of Item #1-20 in my database. Instead, I want to display Item #1 - Item #5 in an ascending order (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5). I have a fixed number of number (5) of cells.

I’ll repeat this process for #6-10, #11-15 and #16-20 in different repeating groups, so I just need to solve the problem in my first group.

Currently, it shows just the same first item in the database five times. The dynamic data is Search for Thing’s :item#1’s Name.

I tried to play with :plus item and :from#1 :until#5, but then it just lists the first five items in one column over the 5 rows instead of every item in its own row.

My head is about to explode, I just don’t know how to continue. Thank you so much!

It’s always a better idea to share what you’ve done so far, with a link to the editor or at the very least a screenshot. Otherwise it’s hard for others to jump in.


Sorry didn’t pick this up as directed at me.

If you can share a link that would be great.

Thank you guys, I just set the repeating group up in a wrong way, it works now!