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How to show only users within a certan distance on a map - Datas from repeating group

I have a specific list of users displayed on a repeating group, at the moment I show all these users field “location” on a Map.

What I want to do is to show on the map only the addresses within a certain distance from current user location.

I tried in many ways but I miss the syntax…

At the moment the data source of the map is Repeating group list of users’s “location” and type of markers is geographic address.

many thanks


Bear in mind that the “Current User’s Location” can be null, becoming more of an issue as Google is stopping allowing location for non-ssl sites.

So worth checking for this, you may already have seen the effect if you are centring the map on current location … if none is available it will show New York City.

hi @NigelG, it can’t be null in theory because the user needs to input a location when they sign up (LOCATION is a field address I created under “User”)… the problem I have is that when they input something that is not recognized they are not warned… just the field will be empty in the database…

there is some way to put a more complex address field like google that shows possibilities while tiping for example…

thanks a lot