Show Users within radius on map

On my user data type object, I have a field for zipcode and a field for ‘Allow mapping’… I want to be able to display on a map, all the other users who have agreed to allow mapping who are within a certain distance from the current user… Not sure how to go about this… Any guidance would be greatly appreciated…

This is what the page looks like:


I want the user to be able to put in a zip code and a radius; then hit search button. This will display all users within that radius of his zip code entered. Everyone’s zip is stored on user object.

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What is the field type of your Zip Code field ?

geographic location

So you can filter the Users using Zip Code “is within” x miles of Current User’s Location.

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Not sure how to do this in the workflow using the input box, radius selection and search button?


similar to above, replace employee’s location with user’s zipcode

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