How to show users that are currently logged in?


I would like to show the number of users who are currently logged in and eventually show their emails.

I tried to do a search on users but eventhough I used advanced filter with “This user is logged in” it returns all the users. It seems that the function “is logged in” is always yes. I am probably using it the incorrect way.

Do you have any suggestions?


Yes, it is somewhat annoying.

One way to do it would be to have each page update a “last accessed” field on the user, and filter that with a date range.

Thank you Nigel,

Indeed quite annoying. I thought something much simpler that doesn’t require an extra workflow on the pages. Funny that the App can see when the current user is logged in or out but not any users.

Thank you for your feedback. Greatly appreciated.

Hmm, agree. Will see if can think of another way. Sure there must be something simpler. Surely :slight_smile:

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