Count: User that are logged in


I would like to display how many users are currently online. Can somebody help here or give a hint?


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Oh interesting. I’m going to try to use this to see if there are multiple people logged in with the same account. I’ll report my findings in another thread.

Thank you nigel!!!

one more thing…would it alos be possible to show the users currently viewing my app? because logged (apparently) means that the user someday logged in and has not logged out since then. But I also would like to display, how many people are currently viewing my site/app

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Users get logged out automatically after a certain time period.

But as to “currently viewing” … I think you would need to run something on every page load that timestamps the user action, and then count “users with an action in the last x minutes” or something ?

thanks Nigel. Its funny because I have 9 testaccounts and I did not use some of them for a long time but the counter still says 9 Users currently logged in (all the time). Regarding the timestamps thats a good idea I will think about it. At the moment I think it is a bit to much work etc. for a minor feature.

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Users should get logged out after a certain time period :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bug.

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They’re getting logged out if the login action is set up that way.

Which is default set to keep them logged in :wink:


I set this up exactly as displayed with 'is logged in = “yes” and I get a 0 count.

When i do “no” i get all the users in my app. At first I thought it was an exclusion filter as opposed to an inclusion one, but that is clearly not the case.

I’m really wondering now why is not reflecting the actual logged in users. I have a lot of workflows depending on if users are logged in or not and they all work, so no idea why it wouldnt show…

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Nigel, you da man!

Hi. I do that.
In Database I add in user new field “Active” yes / no

When the user is log in "Make change to User Current User Active = yes

In Dashboard “Search for user:count” Search Active is yes

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