How to Show Videos on Mobile

I can’t see my embedded video on mobile devices. My site is, on a desktop browser you can see my YouTube video at the bottom, but on my phone there is no video at all. I’m a bit baffled, can someone help me get my video showing on mobile?

So when I use the console (F12) and toggle to mobile view in Chrome, it initially does show the video at the bottom. Then on refreshing while in mobile view, the video disappears.

I confirmed that on my phone as well, the video cannot be seen. But on switching to desktop mode on the phone, the video can be seen.

That makes me suspect this is a responsive issue. Did you check in the responsive editor? Perhaps some other group is covering it? Are you using a mobile page and a desktop page, or is it a single page that is responsive?

There is only single page that is responsive, no mobile vs desktop versions of the page. This may be a dumb question, but what is the “responsive editor”?

responsive editor is next to the UI Builder near the top left of the Bubble editor and it will give you a view of the app as it shrinks or expands

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Do you have any ideas about video sound on mobile? I have tried multiple video plugins in Bubble to play mp4 files. All of these videos fail to play sound on Mobile when I shoot a video and upload it via the file uploader in Bubble

Click on the video element and set a minimum width of 70 or 80 or try setting a fixed width on the video in the editor this may help

I changed the minimum width and set a fixed width, but to no avail. Any other ideas? This is rather frustrating.