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How to skip missing database entries from api

I have a problem because we have 20,000 records in the database. I need to add it to the data type. Currently I do this via the backend workflow.
I load 100 records via the API
Adds them in turn to the data type.
If a record with the ID 100 is added, I trigger the next 100.
If I add a record with the ID 200, I trigger another 100.

e. g. :
1-100 → 101-200->201-300

The problem is, because we have a gap in the base. e. g. between 6500 and 6900 there is no record.
The only unique key is the ID.
Do you have any ideas on how to skip this or whether the records are blank?

Hi @tomasz.szewczyk ,

you can’t really have a “gap” in database. Even if the record is empty - it’s still a record in the database with a unique ID as you mentioned. Simplest way I believe is just to delete it :wink:


Hi @Guru
Thanks for your answer

When I write a database, I think of a database outside the bubble.

As I said, it is a unique ID, but in the database I have eg ID=6502 and the next ID=6894 and in between there is nothing. It’s as if it gets deleted, so these fields don’t have a unique ID

Well it’s kinda hard to understand the whole process without some additional screens or video at best.

Can you show your backend API Endpoint ?

Do you use Recursive Workflows or Schedule on the list ?

Of course I can give you pictures

Backend one:

Backend two:

Creating database entries I have not added because it is probably obvious.