How to sort a list based on a sub-item

Hi everyone!

I need to sort a list of items based on a sub-item thatand couldn’t find a way to accomplish that.

Basically I have a SHOPPING LIST that is made of a list of ITEMS, which have:

  • seller (with name, contact, address)
  • product (with name, price)
  • quantity (number)

I’m using a repeating group to show this information (list of ITEMS), but when I’m setting it up I can only sort the LIST OF ITEMS by “quantity” and I wanted to order it by “Product.Name” or “seller.Name”

Anyone has a sollution for that?


God, it should be super easy, but it doesnt seem to be.
Only way I managed to do is adding a new field to type Item (product_name, for instance) that is a text field and is equal to the product name (so, when i create a cart item, besides adding seller and product, i also add product name).
Not best solution, but works.
Um abraço

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