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How to sort list of things in text?

I have a data type “Lead” (as in a prospect, not the chemical element), a field under this data is Notes - it is a List of Text things.

I am currently displaying the notes in a text field and the only problem is that it sorts the list from Oldest Note to Newest. I would like the most recently added notes to be shown first in the text box. Is there a way to sort a list of things being displayed in a text box?
Or have another idea?

Here is the popup and workflow I am using to display the Notes

This seems like a use case for the repeating group. Why not use one of those here?

To use a repeating group, would I need to make the Notes an actual data type?
Or can a list of things from a field be a repeating group?

yes you would need to make note a data type.

but then the repeating group can use ‘a list of thing (notes) from a field’ as a data source

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Ended up making the Notes it’s own Data Type and displaying the notes using a repeating group. The repeating group also helped me figure out a better UI to display them. Thanks!

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