How to speed up bulk update to Bubble DB from external sources

Hi All,

I have a java application which polls data from multiple resources and performs business logic at its end.
I need to sync a part of that data into 1 of my tables quite frequently (from every 5 minutes to daily or weekly, depending on each client).

I am running a Schedule API workflow on a list to accomplish that using backend workflow. Unfortunately each of these rows takes about 2 seconds to update and that adds up to a lot based on number of rows i am updating. This updated data needs to be on the dashboard so i am looking at ways to optimize the speed of this sync as best as possible.

My question is, i am using get data from external API to get the entire dataset in 1 go from Java app, Is there a way i can apply all these changes in Bulk to the bubble datatype instead of having to go row by row.

Is there a better/faster implementation for this use-case?