Any experience sending 50k+ rows to Data API?


Looking for someone who sends large datasets to Bubble on a regular basis from other applications using Bubble Data API.

Are there any issues? Can Bubble handle it? Any workflow errors/delays?

Will be happy if someone with this experience can comment.

I would highly suggest to implement pagination…your ask is more related to software architecture than pure Bubble performance.

Processing large amount of data has the potential to crash any app if not designed properly.

I am concerned about the paragraph.
Sounds like my bulk update would take 3-4 hours while I need 3-4 minutes.

This also sounds like there is a big chance that a lot of the data will be lost or incorrect

Given the volume involved, perhaps you would like to reconsider your source of data, instead of replicating your dataset to Bubble then…


Yes, I am thinking about this

Have anyone used Digital Ocean database for a goal like mine?