How to sperate Date and Time and then recall them seperately

I am using a Date Picker

Start Date

and a time picker

Start Time

Bubble force both of these to use ##/##/#### @@:@@

How do you set these independently from each other? Every time I try this the time doesn’t save properly so when I go to recall the information it goes back to 12:00


When I log back in to edit the dates. They disappear and the time is set to 12:00 AM

You need to use change the (hours, minutes,seconds) parameters when save the date or time.

In the datepicker, it is possible show only date or only time. Let’s call datepicker A only date and datepicker B only timer. When you save you date you can create something newdate = dapepickerA.changehoursto(airdatepickerB.extract(hours).changeminutes….

And so on…

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Awesome thanks!