How to stop Looping States

How do I do this properly? Right now I am getting looping states.

On page load State = 0

Button Click
if State = 0 set it to 1
if State = 1 set to 2
if State = 2 set to 0

I am using the states to sort a list and using an icon to do like a - ^ v type thing.

I want it to stop after the state is changed once.

Hi there, @timlcooley… one way to do what you have described (if I understand your post correctly) is to have three button click workflows with Only when conditions on the workflows themselves. The conditions would correspond to each of the states, and then each workflow would only have one step that sets the state appropriately based on the current state. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


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Hey @timlcooley , I think that the only way to stop it is the “stop()” command.
By doing so, the project would know to stop when reaching that frame.
I hope this is what u were asking for?