How to store data locally on users device?

How can I store data on my users local device?

I have a long form in my app and sometimes my users fill in part of it, then come back and fill in other parts.
I would like to make sure the partially filled info is stored locally, so they don’t accidentally lose it.
Yes, I know I can store it on the database, but my users are often offline when they fill in the form, so I often do not have access to the database until the form is completed.

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I would save that to the current user (event if he isn’t logged in, the current user concept still exists), and then if the user didn’t clear the cookies or change browser, the data will still be there next time.

However the question was about how the bubble front end deals with storing something on the user when there is no Internet connection.

Does it store it locally and sync later ?

I have seen the “we are saving your data” message when trying to navigate away occasionally.

We haven’t optimized this yet. Right now, if the connection is back soon enough it’ll be saved, but it won’t after a few minutes.

@orieyal Did you solve this problem? I have the same issue with a group who often find themselves without internet.


Has anyone managed to do anything similar? Just save some simple data until reconnection to the network? Without using Firebase :sweat_smile: