Local device database

I’ve seen a few threads about this but nothing seem to have a resolution. Is this something that can be done? I’m looking for some text input, as well location data to be batch updated.

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expose your local using ngrok

Thanks, but it looks like this is to test a webserver DB on a mobile. I’m after data input in a bubble mobile app, to a local DB on the device. The devices won’t always be in a coverage area but we still need to input data.


I did see this, and I’ll try it out. But it does sounds like it ships data to a web database. Because our devices will not always be in a coverage area, I need something like a store and forward process.

try to implement PWA offline service worker

That’s a good idea. I’ve never done that before. I’ll look into it. Will I need to install a database on the device?

it’s up to your requirement… but for the ease implementation you can use sessionstorage

That’s what I was thinking:
Check if online. If yes, store normally. If no, store in local or session Storage. When you’re back online, check local or session Storage to see if there’s data that needs to be processed and stored, then remove the items from local or session Storage.

yes that’s possible