How to switch off login failure message box?

I noticed that a message box is displayed after the “Log the user in” action if the log-in failed. (Likewise if creating a user failed due to a non-unique email address.)

How can I switch off the default failure message box? (It’s not fitting the app style and might not be understood by non-English speaking users.) I’m prepared to handle the log-in failure in a subsequent action by checking if the current user is empty.

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scroll down until you find the one you are looking for and edit it as needed

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You can also use this to switch out your own messages automatically I believe. I think it works for login as well. I put a toast notification in this workflow and make the notification look how I want. :blush:

I use this, as well as @cmarchan’s suggestion, to make it look exactly how I wants.

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Ah, I see. Thanks! That solves the language and phrasing problem!

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Indeed, this works! Thanks! It’s like an exception handler in a regular programming language.

However: There is no context provided. Which workflow failed? Which action in a workflow caused the error? Right now I don’t know how to distinguish between a failed login and a failed signup.

Any suggestion how that can be improved?

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Hey @ralfw

You can use current workflow error in your message. This will show the message somewhere for you. You can put it in a set state and use it in a popup if you would like as well.

Or you can separate them each individually, if you really want to do a different workflow for some reason, by putting that in the condition of the workflow.

Maybe this is more clear:

Thanks, Jason! That was helpful - even though it does not solve the problem of the missing context. With just the error message available and not the error ID (which exists as the settings language page with all its messages shows) it’s also impossible to distinguish at least between errors, it seems.:worried:

(The “Custom toast” is just a name for a standard element? Or does that come from a plug-in?)

The current workflow error code (ID) will give you exactly which error is showing up.

I use a toast notification for my errors. Yeah, it’s a plugin. :blush: I usually use this one because of how simple it is to setup: Toasty Notifications - Free Plugin | Bubble

I suggest putting the error code and message on the screen for yourself, that way you will see what I mean.


I think this should complement @J805 guidance

Ah, I see! The code is a property of the unhandled error. Somehow missed that when I used the event.

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