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How to sync linked Data Types automatically on creation?

Hi there,

I am building a SaaS project management app and have set up some privacy rules based on this youtube tutorial. Using Privacy Rules in Bubble - Separate SaaS customer data - YouTube

However, I am now stuck. The privacy rules are working but it now means none of my content is showing because I haven’t linked the types of data. Is there a way to automatically link the data types? How do I link the unique SaaS account number to other data types so they automatically appear on creation?

My data types are:

SaaS account
Board (including SaaS account within it)
Lists (including SaaS account within it)
Tasks (including SaaS account within it)
Users (including SaaS account within it)

My gut says I need to add a workflow step that ‘makes changes to a thing’ and adds the SaaS account number to the Current User’s new board or task when they are created. Any idea how to do this?