How to take the live site "down for maintenance" with a single switch?

I want to take the site down for some updates.

I see plugins that look like you have to place components on every page. They also seem old.

Is there a single “down for maintenance” switch provided by bubble?


I guess you have a Data Type for app variables. You could create a new ‘Down for maintenance’ yes/no field and add a condition on page load on every page: if Down for maintenance is yes and Isn't live version is no, redirect the user to a landing page that indicates that the site is down.

To complete the answer:

Yeah - but i’d need to do that for every page. We have a number of pages that people may have bookmarked. Also the pages tend to load first before that log is run so people would see things blip in the out. Its the solution if there isnt a better I guess.

This seems like something bubble should build in as a switch you flip in settings.

I agree, should be a feature for Bubble to add


Don’t you have a reusable that is in every page? A header reusable?

That’s the element where you should have the WF, so it’s just one place to add it, and it’s easy to maintain.


… well that’s brilliant!

I havent tried it but im guessing it should work pretty well. thanks @jmalmeida


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