Temporarily Disabling the Live Site

If for any reason one wanted to disable the Live site of an application so users cannot access it, is there a quick way to do that?

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Thank you, I was looking for something done through the Bubble console, that turns the site off and then on upon command, but I’ll give this approach a try.
Do you need to put the code in every page of the site or just the index and the login page?

this is one of the best features i feel, you drop the element on each page and point the on/off property to a database thing of yes/no type. then you can have any kind of trigger or condition shutdown any one page or all pages. you can even use this as a method of banning or kicking and a user can have a field banned and the on/off can even point to that.

You can use the Bubble password protection under Settings - General too.

I like your style @petter lol just dont think the clients would like that alerts style.

It’s not too sexy, I agree :see_no_evil:

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