How to tell if a web app is built on Bubble?

I had a customer tell me my web app is built on Bubble.

How did he know??

How can I cloak this so people can’t tell?

Using BuiltWith or WhatRuns to name a few. These extensions tell you what’s under the hood of a website. To an experienced Bubbler, peeking at the source of a site will show the… etc or similar if on a dedicated plan.

To answer your question, you can hide as much as possible, but not completely possible to hide that it was built with bubble.

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Just curious - why does it matter?


A simple right-click inspect on the page will reveal bubble elements … bubble this, bubble that …


Indeed. In your browser: right click → Inspect → Console, you’ll see this:


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If you use browser dev tools and are inspecting a WordPress site, the same thing, you’ll see wp-… this and that. Same with Bubble.
So, if you explain up-front that you can build faster, cheaper and better on Bubble plus its scalable on AWS, any business conscious individual will be happy that you built it on Bubble.
Just my 2c worth.

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