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Is this the first Y-combinator startup built on bubble?

I’m not certain, but looking at this site… the layout feels very familiar…
If I am wrong… I don’t see anything here you couldn’t do on bubble today!

No… but I know what you mean :slight_smile:

@NigelG which framework detection tool are you using?

I think he was using
… Funny enough I am seeing some other interesting sites that look a lot like bubble…


Yes, Builtwith.

I love that Bubble sites are basically indistinguishable from “hand built” stuff.

You guys should also check out - if your interested in finding the backend technologies of web apps.
It works as a browser plugin (scans every webpage you visit).

They will also sell you a spreadsheet of all the websites that use a technology that you have selected. ( example: all websites that are built on “BigCommerce”)

  • you can also filter results by Domain location (.ca .is .uk etc)

Really cool - thought I should share. :grin: