How to track modified by


How can I track “last modified by” for a thing? Earlier when I had needed it I had created a field for “last modified by” and was updating it in my workflow of “submit” when user changed the thing. However, at some places I have “auto-bind” for fields, and I don’t know how to track those ones as there is no workflow that I can trigger for those (or so I think).

I can think of one possible way of creating a database trigger for when the thing gets modified. Any other simpler way?

Please guide.


I think that might be the easiest way.

to expand on this you can use the only when of the database trigger to look at e.g. if only the thing before changes -s text is not equal to the thing after changes`text. (or value). So that you only look at 1-2 fields instead of everything.

In that database trigger you could then make changes to thing, saving the last modifier and the date.

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Thanks @boston85719 and @TipLister. I’ll try the db trigger.